Active Schools Acceleration Project

Active Schools Acceleration Project (ASAP) is increasing quality physical activity in America's schools by identifying innovative solutions, pioneered by champions, and empowering schools with the tools and resources to replicate proven models. Accelerating the pace of change, ASAP is demonstrating across the country that fun, quality physical activity is a fundamental component of what defines a great school.

Active Schools Acceleration Project
Active Schools Acceleration Project


  • Innovation Competition - 500 entries - 2,000 schools - across all 50 states
  • ASAP Awards Ceremony - $500,000 awarded to 11 schools and innovators
  • Accleration Grants - 1,000 additional schools receiving $1,000 to kick start their own program
  • Teaming Up - First Lady Michelle Obama Let's Move! Active Schools campaign
  • BILLION MILE CHALLENGE - ASAP is challenging America's schools to walk, run, and wheel one billion miles.

Our Approach

Identifying innovation

Replicating best practices in diverse environments

scale up

Long-term sustainability

ASAP is unfolding in four phases by identifying and scaling innovative physical activity programs across the country that will result in a sustainable, nationwide community of active schools. Learn about the initiative goals, and the evidence and recommendations we use to develop the goals.


Who's Involved