Healthy Kids out of school

Healthy Kids Out of School is working with some of the country’s leading out-of-school-time organizations to promote three guiding principles for consistent healthy snack and physical activity offerings: Drink Right, Move More, and Snack Smart. By uniting these programs around the same principles, millions of children across the country will have access to healthy programs, no matter where they spend their time outside of school.

Healthy Kids out of school
Healthy Kids out of school


Healthy Kids Out of School has a comprehensive strategy to support healthy habits in out-of-school time.

  • Developed first national partnership among leading out-of-school-time programs committed to promoting healthy habits.
  • Launched Healthy Kids Hub website, providing hundreds of free and discounted resources to help volunteers, coaches, parents, and staff implement the principles.
  • United thousands of out-of-school-time leaders in taking the pledge to adopt the three principles.

Our Approach

Establish partnerships

Develop guiding principles and provide resources

Build community to adopt principles

Expand reach for maximum impact

Learn about the initiative goals, and the evidence and recommendations we use to develop the goals.


Who's Involved