Restaurant initiative

The Restaurant Initiative is taking a 3-pronged approach to reduce excess calorie consumption when children eat at restaurants: 1. Increase consumer demand for healthier children’s meals; 2. Inform restaurant industry leaders of the positive outcomes of increasing healthy menu offerings; and 3. Continue to conduct and disseminate original research.
Our findings show that orders of healthy kids’ menu items increased when those items were made more prevalent, prominent, and offered by default at a regional restaurant chain. The healthier ordering patterns were maintained more than two years after the introduction of the healthy menu, highlighting the promise of efforts to make healthier options the new norm.

Restaurant initiative


  • Increase consumer demand for healthier children’s meals.
  • Make a compelling case to restaurant industry leaders that healthier menus can be good for kids and good for restaurants.
  • Conduct research and disseminate evidence to help build the case for healthier menu options for kids.

Our Approach

Engage restaurant industry to address childhood obesity

Conduct and disseminate original research on healthy kids' meals

Increase consumer demand for healthy menu options

Learn about the initiative goals, and the evidence and recommendations we use to develop them.


Who's Involved