Healthy Kids out of school

Millions of children in the U.S. participate in out-of-school-time programs, presenting a prime opportunity critical in childhood obesity prevention efforts. Healthy Kids Out of School worked with a variety of youth-serving organizations to implement three simple principles – Drink Right, Move More, and Snack Smart – helping kids from diverse communities practice healthy habits now and for a lifetime. The Healthy Kids Hub is a collection of tailored resources developed in collaboration with a variety of out-of-school-time organizations.

Healthy Kids out of school
Healthy Kids out of school


  • Engage a group of diverse, national out-of-school time organizations in creating, promoting, and implementing healthy principles.
  • Use community-informed, participatory methods to create customized programs with the goal of integrating the principles into each organization’s programming, policies, and practices.
  • Scale customized programs with a focus on organizational sustainability, as well as delivering healthy programs to children in communities experiencing health inequities.

Our Approach

Developed impactful, evidence-based healthy principles.

participatory formative methods to develop programs.

3-year study to determine effectiveness of customized programs.

Leveraged study insights to inform and drive scale.

Learn about the initiative goals, and the evidence and recommendations we used to develop them.


Who's Involved